What is Brake Fade?

Attempting to understand the mechanical functions of a car can be a challenge. If you are experiencing issues with your braking system, here is a tip on what the problem might be.

What is brake fade?

Brake fade indicates what happens when your braking ability suddenly decreases. Brake fade occurs when the braking system components no longer provide the friction required to bring your vehicle to a complete stop in time. Brake fade indicates that your brakes aren't as sensitive as they previously were.

Types of brake fade

Brake fade occurs in 3 common distinctive ways. These include;

Dynamic brake fade

This can happen when either the disc or drum of the vehicle brakes. When the disc brakes, the dynamic fade is caused due to the use of low quality and unsuitable brake pad set. Another cause can be brake drag, when the caliper lag brakes. A drum brake system causes dynamic brake fade when vaporization occurs in the brake material or there is friction on the surface of the brake shoe at high temperatures. As a result your brake shoe and brake drum experience resistance when trying to cause friction

A brake pad fade

Disc brakes experience brake pad fade Also known as mechanical fade. When the friction material that is the brake material or brake lining in a brake pad in your brake disc assembly exceeds its intended maximum operating temperature, it begins to disintegrate and emit gasses over time. The layer formed might lead your brake pad to slip off from the brake rotor or disc, preventing you from efficiently slowing down.

Brake fluid fade

Brake fluid fade happens when your brake fluid absorbs moisture due to its hydrophilic nature. It can occur in both the drum and disc braking systems. When exposed to the heat created by severe braking, the vapor-contaminated brake fluid in your braking network is prone to boil and form air bubbles. The hydraulic pressure sent to your brake caliper or wheel cylinder is reduced and your braking force decreases.


Trying to fix a brake pad on your own will cause more disasters for your vehicle. If you need brake repair, do not hesitate to bring your vehicle to Prestige Auto Repair today!

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