The Importance of Tire Rotations

Tire rotation is an important part of car maintenance, not only for driving safety, but also for the life span of your vehicle. Rotating your tires might be required to stay covered under your vehicle's warranty, so it's time to get rolling!

Some might ask why this is even necessary since your tires rotate the whole time you are driving...but this is a different type of tire rotation altogether.

Rotating tires is a cheap procedure often paired with an oil change.

If you've noticed shaking while traveling at higher speeds then you might need to rotate. If you see uneven tire wear or loss of tire pressure then you might need to rotate.

Tire rotation means switching the location of each tire's position on your car. Usually, it is ideal to rotate your tires every 5,000 miles, or whatever your dealer recommends.

Rotating tires gives an opportunity to check them out for possible damage. You can also inspect the tread depth, air pressure and more. If you have been noticing any vibration it's a good time to have the tires balanced.

By making a routine of rotating your tires, you ensure that the tire wear is spread out evenly between all four of your tires. By doing this their tread life can be maximized.

Depending on a tire's position, it will take on more friction or torque during turning, braking and accelerating. This causes wear on the tire. By rotating every 5,000 miles you can avoid uneven wear and damage to your car.

Rotating your tires periodically, will give you even tread wear across all four tires, which will keep the tread depth uniform on your tires. This will improve your braking and cornering performance and keep your car safer overall.

Tire rotation is highly recommended for all-wheel-drive vehicles too, as even tires keep stress on the drive train low which in turn protects and helps maintain those expensive drive components. Why pay more when you can simply maintain?

If you need a tire rotation performed, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Prestige Auto Repair today!


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