How to Protect Your Battery This Summer

Cold weather can, indeed, harm your battery, but it is nowhere as dangerous as the summer heat. Now that summer is around the corner, we thought it would be best to share some of our important battery maintenance tips. Read on to learn more about how to protect your car battery from excess heat.

Protecting Your Car Battery

  1. Regularly monitor your battery. It is important for car owners to open their hoods to regularly check for battery corrosion. Corrosion is leaking battery acid. Plus, you should be checking for proper battery positioning and tucked wires. The battery case should also be free of damage and not look swollen.
  2. Keep track of your last battery replacement. Most vehicle batteries can last up to three years. If your battery is approaching the end of its life, it's better to replace it sooner than later. 
  3. (On select batteries) check the water level in your battery. Some water needs to be upkept with water. To keep it cool and maintain its life, you must add an adequate amount of water to your battery.
  4. Flush your radiator/coolant system. While the cooling system works independently from your battery, your car needs to be kept cool to prevent premature battery drainage. The cooler your engine is, the longer your battery will last.
  5. Have routine maintenance, including battery tests - When you bring your car to Prestige Auto Repair for service, feel free to ask your technician to test the charge of your battery. It'll help you gauge when you may need to replace your car battery.

Your battery is necessary for your car's operation. Not only does it start your car, but it delivers energy to all your other electrical accessories. If you need your car's battery inspected or changed, we invite you to bring your car to Prestige Auto Repair today.

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